ok guys, I want to tell a story. You know we have had an estate sale and sold everything in the house. The house was for sale and I retired a week ago and we are just waiting for the house to sell before we start the next chapter of our book. I heard that if you get a statue of St Joseph and bury it in the front yard facing east, you will be blessed with the selling of your home. Well, I ordered a statue from amazon and received it this last Thursday, Ron & I buried the statue and said a prayer and within 2 hours our realtor called and said someone was coming to look at the house. They came and stayed for almost an hour checking out the house. Well, we were hopeful and then friday night our realtor called and said he had a contract. WOW We counter-offered back and forth and finally agreed on an amount. With closing the 15th of Feb. Now mind you, the house had been on the market for 65 days and hadnt been looked at more than 10 times. I would say St Joseph blessed us with the sale. Ron and I were just in awe. So, almost this time next month we will starting our journey and we are so excited. Life is awesome… 🙂



recipe for the motorhome

this sounds so good

From McCall’s magazine ca May 1964 =) Don’t even take the slices out of the can…! Just pour off liquid from a no. 2 can of Dole Sliced Pineapple. Replace with gelatin (made with half the water in package directions). Chill until set. Run a little hot water on can sides and bottom to loosen. Then cut bottom from can and use to push mold out. Cut between pineapple slices and serve. It’s grand as a salad or a dessert!