yet to clear outI have been re-doing my stamp room.  Everything is out and I am purging, organizing all the things in my room  My goodness I have so much.  I have hundreds of stamp sets I am wanting to sell for only $10 a set, that is a bargain.  Paper, punches, stamps, stamp pads, glitter more glitter and more glitter.  Need I say I love my sparkly wonderful beautiful glitter.  hehe  That I won’t get rid of.  I also bought a new big shot die cut machine and lots of new dies.  I want to get my room cleaned up, walls painted and things put back so I can start creating new cards and all kinds of crafts.  I love to be in my room creating.  It is my happy space.  It really is good therapy for me.  Well, I guess I had better go do some more purging.    Follow me and I will put up some pic when I get things put back in.  I found the color I want to paint the walls it is called polished aqua and it is so pretty.   In about 10 days Ron and I are going to Dallas and we are going to the Ikea store and I am so excited to go there.  I know I wants some rods to put on the wall so I can hang more of my punches on.  I am getting quit a few of them.   I love to work with them.  Well, have a great day and I will ttyl.

here is a pic of it now…

the middle picture is one I don’t have all the crap out yet…


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