I love to make cards using stamps.  It is something I do that makes me very happy.  I have a stamp room and I am re-organizing it so I can spend all my spare time in there making things.  I am a Stampin Up demonstrator and have been off and on for almost 12 years.  In saying that, you can guess how many stamp sets I may have–you would be right if you said HUNDREDS…hehe  I finally am thinking of selling some so I can make room for more.  When I get my room finished I will post pics.  I am hoping to get it  ready to paint and have it finished before I go back to work.   I kinda know how I want it but not real sure.  I really want a happy color on the walls…wish I could put in a hardwood floor–sure that wont happen.  Anyway, just thought I would share what I am getting ready to do.  When it is finished then I can start posting pics of cards I will make.  I also want to finish my scrapbooking.  I just love working with paper.  TTYL  thanks for listening.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I sure did


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