Today I went to my weigh in and I was down 1.2 lbs.  I am so happy.  Last week at weigh in I had lost 2.2 lbs.  That means I have lost a total of 25.4 lbs. I got a keychain and a 25# weight to hang on it.  It’s not to heavy, I promise it is a washer with 25 lbs engraved on it.   I am just so happy about the loss.  I love WW because it has been a way for me to eat and still lose weight.  It is something I can do for ever.  Here it is at the holidays Christmas and New Years and I have lost a little over 3 lbs.  WooHoo Now, I have set another goal and this one is 5% by my birthday in March.  I can do it.  Thanks for listening to me.  till next time



yet to clear outI have been re-doing my stamp room.  Everything is out and I am purging, organizing all the things in my room  My goodness I have so much.  I have hundreds of stamp sets I am wanting to sell for only $10 a set, that is a bargain.  Paper, punches, stamps, stamp pads, glitter more glitter and more glitter.  Need I say I love my sparkly wonderful beautiful glitter.  hehe  That I won’t get rid of.  I also bought a new big shot die cut machine and lots of new dies.  I want to get my room cleaned up, walls painted and things put back so I can start creating new cards and all kinds of crafts.  I love to be in my room creating.  It is my happy space.  It really is good therapy for me.  Well, I guess I had better go do some more purging.    Follow me and I will put up some pic when I get things put back in.  I found the color I want to paint the walls it is called polished aqua and it is so pretty.   In about 10 days Ron and I are going to Dallas and we are going to the Ikea store and I am so excited to go there.  I know I wants some rods to put on the wall so I can hang more of my punches on.  I am getting quit a few of them.   I love to work with them.  Well, have a great day and I will ttyl.

here is a pic of it now…

the middle picture is one I don’t have all the crap out yet…


I love to make cards using stamps.  It is something I do that makes me very happy.  I have a stamp room and I am re-organizing it so I can spend all my spare time in there making things.  I am a Stampin Up demonstrator and have been off and on for almost 12 years.  In saying that, you can guess how many stamp sets I may have–you would be right if you said HUNDREDS…hehe  I finally am thinking of selling some so I can make room for more.  When I get my room finished I will post pics.  I am hoping to get it  ready to paint and have it finished before I go back to work.   I kinda know how I want it but not real sure.  I really want a happy color on the walls…wish I could put in a hardwood floor–sure that wont happen.  Anyway, just thought I would share what I am getting ready to do.  When it is finished then I can start posting pics of cards I will make.  I also want to finish my scrapbooking.  I just love working with paper.  TTYL  thanks for listening.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I sure did

hello all

Well, it is almost Christmas and I am so looking forward to Christmas eve.  My kiddos and grandchildren and best aunt will be at my house for dinner.  Really looking forward to seeing them all and enjoying their company.  Nothing better than family…  Have three days this coming week to work and then I will be off until 1/3/12.  Yeah, I am looking forward to that time.   This coming year, we have decided to take our motorhome out for the weekends and enjoy it as much as possible.  I would like to take trips along route 66 and see all the cool sites.  That is fun…Well, gotta go get dinner ready.  Talk to you later. 


Friend at work saw mine and said she loved it and would sure like one.  She is so sweet so I thought I would make one for her.  Here it is, sure hope she likes it.  Thanks for looking


Here is a picture of my kitchen window I decorated today.  I like the way it turned out.   I love my santas .  Thanks for looking.


mercy, I have been up since 2 and it is now almost 4am.  I can’t go back to sleep.  I get up at  6 so probably at 5 I will get real sleepy and I can go back to sleep for an hour.  I hate mornings like this when I can’t go back to sleep.  bummer.  Hope you have a great day, it’s Friday.  Looking forward to 5pm then I will be off work.    Later guys


Well, we had our Christmas dinner at work today and it was so good, so much good food.  The winner was announced for the tree decorating contest and we won again.  Second year in a row—YEAH!!!.  Our grinch tree was a hit and I am so glad.


I  saw where someone had done something like this online and at work we have a contest every year with the different departments.  This year it was who had the best decorated tree.  This is our creation. Hubby made me a bottom of a stick man and I covered it with crate foam and then dressed him.  His body is a pillow case I made and just put a pillow in it.  I think he turned out really cute and it sure made everyone laugh as they walked down the hall.  Lots of pic were made on cell phones.  We find out if we won tomorrow.  I love him, we are all happy with him.  Hope you enjoy looking at him. 


I unmounted a lot of my stamps so I have a lot of wood blocks now.  This is something I decided to do with the left over blocks.  Have you enjoy

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